Have you forgotten anything on board the Öresund train?

We will help you get your lost items back easily and safely. Register your lost items

How it works


Register your lost items and your contact details on the form found on this page

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We will match your registration with our found items and then contact you with the results.

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If we find the item, you will be informed which delivery point you can pick up your belongings for a fee

Search for nearest delivery point


We charge an administration fee that you pay when you pick up your item. If you prefer that we send the item to you, we will charge an administration fee plus the cost of shipping.

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Did you forget something aboard the Öresund train in November or December 2019?

Then you should contact Tillvarataget AB. Things that were forgotten during November and December are handled by Tillvarataget AB until 31 January 2020, then everything that has not been handled is being handed over to Sodexo for continued handling.

Tillvarataget AB’s customer service: Monday – Friday 11 – 17, +46 (0) 722 03 20 23

Email: Gothenburg hgs.goteborg@gmail.com Malmö hgs.malmo@gmail.com.

For more information, visit Tillvarataget AB’s website www.hittegodssverige.se.

Have you forgotten anything aboard the Öresund train later than December 31, 2019?

Then you should contact us at Sodexo which will take over the handling from 1 January 2020.