Payment & Terms

To pick up your goods, bring your reference number or your ID.

You can find opening hours and addresses under collection point

The item may also be sent to you. The cost of shipping will be added in this case. Please email us your address and your reference number and we will send a payment link with information about the cost – payment will be made through the link with your credit card. Once the payment is completed we will ship your goods.

We are not responsible for parcels that are not picked up.

Please note that we do not ship goods between our delivery points.

We store found items for three months while waiting for them to be claimed by the owner. The Swedish Lost Property Act stipulates that right of ownership is forfeited if a claim for the lost property is not made within three months.

Property that is not claimed within three months will be given to charity.
Lost property will be stored one month after the owner has been informed of where it can be retrieved.

We are only responsible for found items –not for lost items.