We work to ensure that you can retrieve any items that you may have lost or forgotten on one of Öresundstågs trains. It may take up to a week before found items are visible in our system.

Register your case on the form on our website for the quickest results. We will contact you via email regardless of whether our system finds a match or not.

If we find the item, will you be informed by email at which delivery point you can pick up your belongings.

The item can also be sent to you for a fee.

Found objects in Sweden and Denmark

Sodexo Lost & Found Services manages lost and found items on behalf of Öresundståg, and Malmö is the central location. You can find our hours of operation and street address under “Contact us”.

Half a million people travel with Öresunds train every week

Sodexo is responsible for found items on Öresundstågs train

Every month we receive about 850 items in our handling

Onboard staff handles found items and submits them to the nearest delivery point

If you have forgetten something, register directly on our website

Found items are transported, resulting in lead times in the handling

All items are registered and matched against requests

In case of a hit, the item will be returned at the place given